Augmented Analytics that drives actionable insights to teams.

Objectiv frees Analytics teams from endless reporting requests.

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Why teams use Objectiv

Stop digging through data.

Start acting on Signals.

Signals are actionable pieces of evidence on exceptional user behavior that drives your goals. Let Objectiv automatically uncover them from your data.

Analytics meets contextual awareness.

Your teams decide much faster.

Analytics data and your product as-users-see-it are two different worlds. Objectiv brings them together, capturing full contextual data about each of your product’s features.

Noise cancellation on all your data.

Focus on what matters.

Ever-growing data, faster shipping, external factors… Objectiv cancels out the noise, with statistical modeling that focuses on true user interactions and deals with events like traffic peaks.

Traceability & control.

Enable all teams to hit their goals.

Any small product update you do can have a ripple effect. Objectiv surfaces the holistic impact automatically, across all product goals that matter to you, in one clear view.

Intelligent decision workflow.

Foster learning in teams.

Enable full historical traceability, from evidence behind decisions to actions taken and their results. Learn across teams and continuously improve your decision making process.

Solutions for Industries

Drive digital self-service & sales forward.

“When making decisions, you spend a lot of time discussing stakeholder opinions. But the only thing that matters is strong evidence on how to help our customers better digitally. Objectiv is the neutral platform that delivers this evidence and has accelerated our decision making.“

Drive key conversion, retention and self-service goals.

Big marketing campaigns and product promotions create a ton of noise in your data. Objectiv takes all this out. Surfacing actionable insights that are not influenced by external factors, and truly matter to your users.

Drive VOD engagement, conversion and viewing time.

“Before Objectiv, we would spend a lot of time discussing conflicting data; where CTR data would tell us one thing, but viewing time or conversion a totally different story. Now, we just get actionable data at our fingertips that makes sure we take the best actions to grow all our key goals every day. “

Adapt to changing buyer/seller behavior.

“Objectiv feels like our product team’s equivalent of integration testing. It’s always on and tells me exactly what I need to know, when we need to act in our product right now.“

The Objectiv platform

Unified suite that integrates your existing analytics solution, deep contextual modelling, and a cloud-based Workspace. Where teams meet to
drive decisions home.

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