Product release: Taking the helm of Objectiv’s Augmented Analytics

Analytics & product teams rely on Objectiv to automatically surface actionable insights. They no longer need to constantly dig through ever-growing and increasingly complex datasets to find what matters most to their product goals.

But sometimes you want to take the helm yourself. Run your own analyses, and get full grip on the underlying data.

In the latest release of the Objectiv Workspace, we are now fully opening up what powers our data models: exposing the Signals that are evidence of exceptional user behavior, offering easy-to-use Filters to drill down on all data, and providing raw data Exports for custom analyses in your own infrastructure.

Dig into the Signals powering Objectiv’s data models

Signals are the foundation of Objectiv insights. They are pieces of evidence that identify the exceptional user behavior that actually drives your goals, taking into account full contextual data about each of your product’s features. Signals are used to identify potentially impactful features and larger areas of opportunity. Example of such Signals:

With this new release, we’re now fully exposing Signals for each feature in your product. In the Workspace, click on a feature to open up a redesigned Feature Details panel, which contains both the full context of a feature (e.g. its name and location), and a bird’s-eye view of all relevant Signals with their strength towards your goal. Every Signal can be expanded to get more detail and background.

Feature Details with Signals
Figure: Feature Details panel with Signals and their strength

Drill-down using Filters

We’re also releasing tools to run your own analyses directly from the Workspace, using Filters: select features with certain properties or Signals. Examples of drill-down analyses:

Filters in the Objectiv Workspace

Next to the Filtering tools in the Explorer, we also show the Filters that power an Objectiv Topic: a focus area of features that matter most. For further exploration of a Topic, choose to drill-down in the Explorer.

Topics with Filters
Filters that power an Objectiv Topic; drill down further when needed

Perform custom analyses on raw data from Exports

Sometimes Signals and Filters are not enough, and you want to explore all the details using your own tools, for instance for your own analyses, or to understand the inner workings. Objectiv’s models are fully transparent by design – no black box AI – and with this release we enable you to take full control of your data by downloading an export directly from the Workspace.

The export contains all historical development data in CSV format for one or more Goals of all your product features, their properties, and their Signals. Of course documentation is included for seamless interpretation.

Objectiv Explorer with Export options

Available now to all (Enterprise) customers

This release of our Workspace is rolling out now to all customers, with some features limited to our Enterprise plan.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think.

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