Product release: Objectiv now learns from every move your Product team makes

Usually data tools provide the insights that inform decisions. Objectiv now also does the opposite: learning from every product move your team makes, increasing relevance by the day.

Recently we rolled out a fully revamped Objectiv Workspace, built on the belief that today’s Product teams need better data tools that filter out the signal from the noise in order to make strong product decisions. The new Workspace surfaces only the truly relevant, actionable Suggested Actions, while still enabling teams to deep-dive into the Impact of features.

Today we release a new version of Objectiv where we take this approach even further, and add another core component of strong decisions: a close feedback loop. We’re introducing features that enable teams to respond to Suggested Actions, simultaneously ‘training’ the Objectiv data models. We’re also releasing links between Suggested Actions & Action results. This helps close the loop even further, so both Product teams and Objectiv data models can learn from past results. A closer look at the new features below.

Responding to Suggested Actions

Teams can now triage and improve the Suggested Actions that the Objectiv data models find through a simple response button:

Objectiv Augmented Analytics

When the Objectiv data models analyze new data and identify the Suggested Action as relevant again, regardless of the response that the team has given to it, it will resurface in the Decide page. Simply reconfirm the response with one click, or choose to change it.

Objectiv Augmented Analytics

Closing the loop from Suggested Actions to results

If a Suggested Action is executed (e.g. the team runs an A/B test in their product), a link to the results can now be found in its details, and vice versa. As action has been taken on it, it moves from the Decide page to a new Archive section (labeled ‘ACTION TAKEN’).

Objectiv Augmented Analytics

The results of an Action can be tracked in the Act page. The Act tab in the menu and the Act page indicate if there’s a new Action.

Optionally, if an Action’s results can be found in another tool than Objectiv (e.g. Optimizely or Google Optimize), there will be a direct link to those results.


These features, plus several speed improvements, are currently rolling out to customers. We’d love to hear what you think.

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