Actionable insights in full context, without the digging.

Objectiv frees the Analytics team backlog from reporting requests.

Signals drive actionable insights to teams

Instead of your team digging through reporting requests, the relevant pieces of evidence that matter are pushed to the right Product Management, CRO, UX and Content teams.

  • Act on easy-to-understand Signals.

    Actionable pieces of evidence on exceptional user behavior.

  • Based on open data models.

    No black box, but the ability to drill-down on Signals and understand why they are triggered.

Analytics meets contextual awareness

Objectiv truly understands your product features. Instead of digesting analytics events, your teams see the performance of actual product elements in the blink of an eye.

  • Bring in the context.

    For each user interaction, a vast range of contextual information is tracked from your product’s front end. Providing data models the same understanding as you would create in your brain.

  • Continuously scanning your product’s front-end.

    Objectiv mimics a user, clicking every interactive element and tagging what is sent to your analytics in the network traffic.

Noise cancellation on all your data

Ever-growing mountains of data, faster release cycles, external factors, cryptic events… Your data is full of noise. Objectiv cancels it all out.

  • Laser focus on true user interaction

    Link data with actual actions that your users take and
    the impact they have.

  • Untouched by external factors.

    The modelling in Objectiv deals with external events like traffic peaks, and surfaces what truly matters.

Traceability & control

Objectiv delivers full transparency in the underlying data models, and enables you to take control of product performance on all team goals.

  • Defining the relation between one feature and many goals.

    In Objectiv, you can select any of your product features and it will tell you exactly how much it matters to all of your goals, in one view. So your team can take the right course of action.

  • Taking the helm of Objectiv’s AI for your own analyses.

    Objectiv’s data models are open, allowing you to see exactly
    what’s under the hood, and to fine-tune the models to
    your specific use case.

Intelligent decision workflow

Full historical record, from evidence behind decisions to actions taken and their results.

  • Trace back any product decision.

    Objectiv provides a crystal clear timeline on which actions your team took, based on what evidence, and the results.

  • Full collaborative & data-driven workflow.

    Rally stakeholders around strong evidence, decide what to test & build together. Learn from results and kick the ball forward.

Zero tech integration

Objectiv connects to all the existing analytics data you already have. There is no technical integration, just read-only access to your analytics platform.

Currently we support

Privacy built-in

Objectiv solely uses your existing analytics data and only needs anonymized user events. Fully GDPR compliant and not introducing any
additional user tracking.


Take full control

Objectiv relies on open data models, where you can take full control in understanding and using Signals to drive better decisions forward. It offers all the exporting capabilities you’d expect.

Intro to Objectiv

In 30 minutes we'll discuss
  • Your team & analytics workflow.
  • What problems you are looking to solve.
  • How Objectiv can help.